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Benjii & Co is an independent street fashion brand founded in 2010.  Our mission is to offer a full range of lifestyle apparel and accessories for those looking for the convergence of street wear and high fashion. A brand born from family collaboration in all sense of the word, our mission is to provide timeless pieces for all ages.  Each collection tells a story from the perspective of the designers and the world they exist within. Benjii & Co prides itself on simple things done well. Focus is placed on mixing classic silhouettes with creative colorways.



Our goal is to provide a range of comfortable everyday streetwear that provides a smooth take that doesn’t rely on temporary trends or gimicks. With origins in Queens, Benjii & Co creates clothing that is synonymous with the NYC lifestyle.  Embracing everything about NYC community, we are dedicated to being more than just a clothing brand. Benjii & Co has made it a commitment to highlighting social justice initiatives specific to urban communities. 

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